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Top Tent Tips

Our top tent tips to looking after your bell tent
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top tent tips

Over the years we have put many bell tents and we have naturally discovered a few things that have helped both in putting the tents up and keeping them in bad conditions and also in keeping them looking good. We get asked a lot of questions about bell tents so we have put together a little list of tpis and tricks. Some are obvious and some not. If you have any little caping hacks (specifically regarding bell tents) we would love to hear about them!

So, in no particualr order.......

  • Always keep your guy ropes tight. In windy conditions guy ropes can work themselves loose. A loose guy rope means flappy canvas which can cause problems
  • Make sure when you zip the door up at night that the flaps are on the outside. If you keep the peg in place by the door and hook the elastic over then you can just use the one door in the night.
  • Remember to do the mesh door up when it starts to get dark or the tent will attract little flies or midges and they will gather in the roof.
  • If you have unzipped the groundsheet remember to do the zips up properly again, particularly around the door. Make sure the little hook is in place at the bottom corner of the door and the gusset in the groundsheet is on the inside. And make sure the canvas flap is down covering the zip
  • If you are leaving the tent for the day make sure you do both doors up and secure the elastic over the peg in the centre of the door.
  • If you have particularly wet and windy conditions you can peg the canvas flap on the groundsheet out further by not pegging through the groundsheet as well.
  • If it is windy make sure the A frame stays in place by using the canvas ties (one on each leg and one at the top) and make sure the feet stay in the webbing pocket.
  • Make sure the little plastic cap on the A frame is on the out side.
  • Try to keep things away from the sides. Canvas will draw water through if something is touching it.
  • Don’t overtighten the two guy ropes either side of the door when it is open, you might force the zip when you go to close the door.

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