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The Original Bell Tent Stove

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Many people say to us "You can't put a woodburning stove in a tent" Well, a local Cornish company called Anevay have taken that idea and turned it on it's head with the development of the Frontier Stove, the original bell tent stove.

Originally designed for the humanitarian aid world, the Frontier Stove was developed to be used as a source of cooking and heat. It can be fitted into yurts, tents, small spaces or used out in the open. The Frontier has a long flue which carries the fumes away from the cooking area and the added bonus is the flue collapses and the legs fold flat so it all packs down and stores in the fire box meaning it can be transported easily. It even has a handy bag making storing and transporting easy, safe and clean.

With the addition of a heat proof flashing kit they can be easily and safely installed in a tent. However, we do recommend reading the advice on using a stove in a tent. Most of it is common sense but a few key things to remember are:

  • Place the stove on a heatproof surface.
  • Always use a proper flashing kit, designed for the job.
  • Never leave the fire unattended overnight.
  • Try not to burn pine or other woods that spark a lot.
  • Invest in a carbon monoxide detector.
  • Keep all combustibles away from the stove.

The Frontier has something of a cult status and as such there are now plenty of cheap copies on the market. We stock the original Frontier from Anevay, not just because they are a local company but because they are the best. There are a few crucial design and construction details that make the original Frontier bell tent stove stand out from the cheap copies and these are listed here :

  • The steel is much thinner on the cheaper versions making them susceptible to warping and cracking.
  • The Original Frontier has a chrome steel pin in the leg fittings making them more stable and less prone to rusting unlike the other version which uses a ball bearing.
  • The Original Frontiers are finished with a high temperature powder coating ensuring a longer life.
  • The cheaper versions have a design flaw in the flue sections which enables water to run down the flue and onto the cooking plate. This water can contain creosote via the soot making it unsafe to breathe as it evaporates.

So, as with everything in life, you get what you pay for. Anevay have invested a lot of time and money in developing the Frontier Stove and they continue to alter and improve the design. If you are looking for a bell tent stove that is effecient and good value for money then the Frontier is the best option.


The Frontier Stove is available in our online shop here and the accessories such as the bag, spark arrestor and flashing kit can be bought here There is also a handy blog on the Anevay website about what you need to know if you have just bought a new Frontier Stove.

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