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Lightweight Camping Stove

Our Fire Maple camping stoves are both lightweight and very efficient.
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Camping Stove

As with all camping gear what you use for cooking when you go camping is a personal choice and depends on your camping set up and how long you go for etc... If you are a big family and are camping for more than a few days then a double gas burnber with grill is probably the preferred option.Some people like to cook over the campfire and then a tripod or trivet and a dutch oven will work well. It also possible to cook on our Horizon Stove or the Frontier Stove But sometimes you just want a small lighweight option that will fit in a bag and will be enough to boil a kettle or a pan for a tin of soup. That is where the mini camping stove from Fire Maple comes into it's own.


mini camping stove

The mini camping stove from Fire Maple or to give it's technical name, the FMS 121 is like a little rocket when it is burning on full power. The fold out legs provide a stable base for a pan or kettle but also fold in neatly when storing. The flexible hose screw neatly on to a standard propane/butane gas canister. We use the 220g cannister becasue it fits neatly into our 1ltr cooking pot, available from Winfields but any propane/butane cannister will do.

It is the wind shield and baffle that is where the magic happens. Not only does it protect the flame from the wind but it also creates a very powerful flame. In our field tests it will boil enough water for a cup of tea in under 2 minutes. The temperature control knob is situated on the hose where it attaches to the cannister and has a solid feel and is very responsive.
When you're finished, it all packs away into a handy little box to be stored in your backpack or bag.  We have tested many different camping stoves over the years and for size and power we haven't found anything that beats this.
And to top it all off it is only £29, available on our onlione store here


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