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Getting a good nights sleep

Getting a good nights sleep is essential for an enjoyable camping trip
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A Good nights Sleep

Lovers of bell tents generally like camping with a bit of style and comfort. Not content with a plain nylon tent and sleeping on cold bumpy ground, bell tent lovers will always seek to improve their sleeping conditions to make the camping experience an enjoyable one. To anyone that like camping that is obvious direction to go in. If you talk to anyone that hates camping (and there are a few) the main gripe is not getting a good nighs sleep. If you can ensure you get a good nights sleep then there is not much else to dislike is there? Some people may disagree but for me a good nights sleep is essential.

what to sleep on?

Everyone has their preferences and what works for one person may not necessarily work for another. There are also many factors that will dictate what you use to sleep on. From one end of the scale the high end glamping companies will sometimes use a real wooden framed bed with a real double mattress but if you are travelling and camping as you go then this is obviously not a practical option.
For many the airbed is a popular option, it gives you the comfort of a real mattress but can be folded up and transported relatively easily. However airbeds do have their limitations and going down in the middle of the night is the main one! If you do go for an airbed make sure you go for a good quality one. The better quality airbeds have reinforced sides to stop the edges collapsing and some also have a built in pump which can be very handy but you will need an elctric hook up. Another good feature is they are generally double height so they feel more like a bed and are easier to get in and out of. One of the better quality ones we have used in the past for our rentals is the Aerobed Ultra Double

For some people the airbeds are too big and bulky both for transporting and once in the tent. If you are looking for something smaller easier to carry and store but still comfortable we recently discovered the Vango Comfort 10 it is the operfect balance of size, weight and comfort and goes with us on all our camping trips. They are low to the ground which might not suit everyone but if that is a problem you can always match them with a camping bed like the Hi Gear Slumber Bed a relatively inexpensive camp bed which gets you off the floor and then use a self inflating mattress (otherwise known as a SIM) on top for the comfort.

What to put on the floor?

Many people don't bother putting anything on the floor of their bell tent. Again this is just personal preference but the beige coloured PVC of our bell tents isn't the most prettiest or most comfortable floor covering. As with the bed options there are a few options when it comes to flooring.

The toughest and the standard choice of most glamping companies is the coir matting. We supply 2 sizes to fit the 4m and 5m bell tents. There is no doubt that the coir matting makes the bell tents look amazing and they provide a tough, natural looking base and they are very popular with rental companies. They do have a few drawbacks though and the size and weight is one of them. You wouldn't take one on your family camping trip for instance. 

For those looking for a sylish and comfortable floor covering for their bell tent but don't want to break your back or your bank then we think we have developed the perfect product. The polypropylene mats made from recycled plastic are lightweight, roll up considerably smaller than the coir and also come in 2 colours and patterns. Currently the 5m mat is available in a green and beige, checker pattern and the 4m mat is available in a blue and beige chevron design.


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