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Bell tent accessories

A range of accessories for campers, glampers and general outdoor lovers
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During these cold wet winter months it gives us  chance to look at what Cool Canvas means to us and where we want to take it. From our very first days of starting up we always wanted to offer a range of quality accessories for our campers, glampers and general lovers of the outdoors. With that in mind we have now started adding to our product range.

Bell Tent Accessories

We have always been very picky about the products we want to offer. We want them to be good quality, practical and stylish. We also want a good range of products that will be desirable for general outdoor types and also discerning bell tent glampers.

BELL tent mats

First up are our bell tent mats. WHen we first started the coir mats were the go to product for people wanting a little extra bit of luxury in their bell tent. They are generally popular with the rental market as they are quite heavy, awkward to handle, store and transport. But when used in a bell tent they do look great! We realised early on that there need to be an alternative for hobby campers. We are now pleased to introduce our new bell tent mats made from recycled polyproylene. We have 2 sizes avaliable at the moment designed fro the 4m bell tent and the 5m bell tent. They come in 2 half moons and are much lighter than the coir mats and much  smaller to pack down, carry and transport. They weigh 2.4kg per half moon for the 4m and 4kg per half moon for the 5m. The 4m mats are available in a blue and beige chevron design and the 5m in a green and beige checker design as shown below.  The 4m retails for £140 and the 5m for £160 both with free shipping

Camping stove

We have always wanted to offer a compact, efficient camping stove that could be used for camping in the bell tents or also when out exploring in a van or to be used in a rucksack when out hiking. We found the perfect product with the Fire Maple mini camping stove. Our mini camping stove is a gas powered little rocket! With folding legs and a low centre of gravity it provides a stable platform for a kettle or pot and the wind proof baffle surrounding the burner means it can boil a kettle in just minutes.I t comes in its own storage container for easy transport, all you need is a gas canister which easily screws onto the pipe and away you go. The mini camping stove is avaialable on our online store for £29
When used with the 1ltr cooking pot it makes the perfect camp cooking set. The lightweight aluminium cooking pot has a hard anodized finish which is wear and corrosion resistant. The fold out handles have silicon covers for protection against the heat. It also has a food grade silicion cover for quicker boiling times.It comes with its own mesh storage bag and fits on our mini gas camping stove perfectly. It also has an integrated wind proof heat exchanger which means quicker boiling times. The cooking pot is available on our store for £15,

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