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Frontier Stove Package

Everything you need to install a stove in your tent safely
In Aid of ShelterBox Disaster Relief

Bell TenTS

If you are reading this i'm guessing you already know what a bell tent is. If you don't then a quick explanantion would be to decribe a bell tent as a circular canvas tent with 1 central pole and the canvas radiating out in a bell shape, hence the name 'bell tent. They were originally designed by an American soldier in the American Civil War for the soldiers to sleep in. Over the years the design has been modified and improved and the materials used are much superior than the original tents. In recent years the bell tents have been taken on as a luxury form of camping and they are the most common tent in the 'Glamping' industry. Glamping basically stands for 'glamorous camping' It's a love and hate term but you can't avoid it these days. 

Glamping tent

Because the bell tent has been associated with the Glamping industry it means that they are often kitted out at a very luxurious finish with carpets, rugs, cushions, doble beds and woodburning stoves. There is nothing better than waking up in the morning, poking your head out the tent to see a frosty dawn then stoking the fire putting the kettle on and maybe creeping back under the duvet for another 20 mins lie in with a steaming cup of tea!

frontier stove

If you are looking for that ultimate level of luxury and you want to put a stove in your bell tent then we reckon the only stove you need to look at is the Frontier Stove by Anevay. The Frontier is the original tent stove designed by Anevay. They originally desined it for the charity Shelterbox as a source of heat and something to cook on for refugees. The fact that it is portable meant that everything could be packed into the firebox and carried to the next place. It even has a handle on the side to make it easier to carry. According to Anevay it is eight times more efficient than cooking on an open fire. There are 2 versions of the Frontier, the original Frontier and the Frontier Plus. The Frontier Plus has a slightly biger fire box with a glass door, it is a bit more efficient and it has a more attractive finish with wooden handles on the dorr and air vents. It is also more expensive. The Frontier retails at £199 and the Frontier Plus at £349

frontier stove package

Both the Frontier and the Frontier Plus come with all the flue sections you need to get you going. If you want to install the stoves in a bell tent you will need a Flashing Kit and maybe a spark arrestor. The spark arrestor is designed to go on the top of the flue to stop any sparks landing on your tent. It is also advised to place the stove on something heatproof to protect the groundsheet. We supply the heatproof mat for that purpose.

We designed the Frontier Stove package as an easy way to get everything you need to install a Frontier Stove into your bell tent safely. Included in the Fronteir Stove Package is:

  • Frontier Stove (rrp £199)
  • Flashing Kit (rrp £38)
  • Heatproof Mat rrp (£34)
  • Spark arrestor rrp (£30)

Buy buying the package you save 10% on the listed price. The Frontier Stove Package retails at £270 and can be purchased here

Safety first!

Obviously installing a wood burning stove can be dangerous, please use the proper materials and products designed for the job and have a competent person who know what they are doing to do. Our flashing kits are made from heat resistent silicon and the heatproof mats are made from fire retardant fibreglass coated silicon rubber. There are also a few common sense rules to keep to when using a stove in a tent.
  • Never leave the stove unattended
  • Always use a carbon monoxide alarm
  • Don't use coal
  • Alway burn with the door closed
  • Don't leave items of clothes on the burner to dry
  • Keep a fire extinguisher nearby in case of emergencies
  • Only use properly sesoned firewood

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